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Welcome to Anna’s blog! I wanted to blog about Anna because she was such a genuine, happy person! You are one special person if you are able to remain positive no matter what, and Anna is one of those people! She kept a smile on her face and put everyone in a good mood the entire shoot! I am so happy I had the privilege of photographing Anna!


Anna! Where do I begin?! You were one of the sweetest individuals I have ever met. I loved watching you transform from a shy girl into a confident young woman during your shoot! One of my favorite parts about my job is watching clients transform after hair and makeup! They are already SO beautiful, but when they have their sessions, they actually see themselves for the beautiful individuals they are! Anna, I am so grateful that my team and I got to help you see just how gorgeous you are!


Anna took a leap of faith and trusted me with different styles, poses, and locations. She nailed everything! I love this picture of Anna posing outside. Don’t think it was easy, the delta mosquitoes and bugs are terrible! Thanks for hanging in there for your outside portraits!


Anna was so much fun. She was such a sweet person and never said one thing negative the entire day. She always had a smile on her face and was genuine throughout her shoot. Anna, your inner beauty shows just as much as you outward beauty! Always remember that and keep being such a positive impact in people’s lives! This picture captures Anna’s fun, happy personality and her smile is priceless!


Anna may have seen a shy girl when she looked in the mirror, but I saw a beautiful, successful young woman. Anna, remember to always know your worth and value yourself more than anything. You can accomplish anything if you believe in yourself and I know you have a tribe behind you that believes in you too!


I want to end with something that Anna sent to me.

“My name is Anna Dill. I go to Bayou Academy and I am in the 12th grade. I decided to take my pictures with Hadonica’s Photography, and it was a great decision. Before I actually got my pictures taken, I had two ladies do my hair and makeup. They were both so great and make me feel beautiful. During the whole process of getting my pictures taken, Hadonica was very sweet. Her and her team made me feel very comfortable with them and myself. When I got my pictures back, I thought they looked great and I loved them. I am so happy that I chose to go to Hadonica for the experience and great pictures I got. Leaving with Hadonica’s Photography, I felt confident in myself and my pictures!”

Love this and how clients leave feeling better about themselves and so beautiful! Senior team applications are coming up so reach out to me and let me help you feel and look your best!

xoxo- Hadonica


Kaleigh | Senior Portraits | Hadonica's Photography

Where do I even begin?! Kaleigh was another amazing senior that I had the privilege of photographing. Her personality shined bright throughout her shoot and she wasn’t scared to try anything! I love when my seniors show up and show out, and Kaleigh definitely did!


Kaleigh had one major thing that really stuck out, and that was her dancing! Kaleigh is very passionate about dance, and you could tell it the second she put on her ballet shoes! She was so daring and even used the wings in her shoot! These wings were the perfect touch to complete this gorgeous dancer’s pictures!


Another thing I loved about Kaleigh is that she was willing to stick it out even in the dark! The delta mosquitoes were killing us, but we managed to get an awesome shot in this blue dress from the style closet.


Kaleigh’s mom was there to make her laugh the whole time and keep her spirits up! I love when families attend shoots when they can because it makes it that much more fun and personal! Kaleigh is blessed with so many talents, but I’m sure her mom would say being a daughter is one of her best talents! This picture speaks a thousand words!


I love that Kaleigh could rock any outfit. She could go from giant wings and formal dresses to everyday looks and rock them all! She was so much fun to shoot and her attitude remained positive the entire time. Her positive energy radiated in every single picture it was hard to choose her favorites because we loved them all!


Kaleigh also danced for her school, so we HAD to include that in her senior session. I am so glad that Kaleigh and her family will be able to look back on these and remember all of the good times that seem to fly by when you are a senior!


Kaleigh, I want you to know that you are so strong, fun, beautiful and amazing! Take in every moment you have left of being a senior and always remember you to be the positive light that you are! Keep your family close and cherish every moment!

xoxo- Hadonica


Julia | Senior Session | Hadonica's Photography

Wow! I have been so busy I just now realized I haven’t released a blog in a long time! I wanted to blog about Julia because she rocked her session! Julia is a twin, but that does not define who she is as a person. She loves being a twin, but has her own personality separate from her sister! Julia is an AMAZING person and I am so glad we were able to capture that in some of her senior pictures.

12x8 Album - Cover A.jpg

Julia started off the day by having my hair and makeup team make her look and feel her best! After that, we grabbed her outfits and headed out for her session. Julia did some shots in the studio, Warehouse, and more!


Julia had the sweetest, most kind personality. She loved her mom and you could tell that she was genuine throughout the entire shoot! I am so glad I was able to capture this special moment for Julia and her family. Pictures with your mother will be cherished for a lifetime and passed down for generations.

One of the favorite images from the shoot!!

One of the favorite images from the shoot!!

Julia has so many talents. She was so proud of her medal that she worked so hard for, so of course we had to add that in her senior pictures! Congratulations to Julia for being such an awesome individual both inside and out!


Last but not least, Julia and her twin! How cool is that to know that you have someone that will always be by your side since you were in the womb together?! I know these two will be great friends forever and help each other in every step of life! Julia, you rocked this session and I hope you and your family enjoy this blog!

xoxo- Hadonica


Enjoy some more of Julia’s awesome pictures from the shoot, including her rustic car pictures that turned out amazing!!

Asale' Hooker | Coahoma County High School | Class of 2019

When you defy the odds and turn extra into extraordinary, you get Asale’ Siana Hooker! She will be graduating from Coahoma County Jr-Sr High School on May 31, 2019. After graduation she will take her wonderful personality to Coahoma Community College. She is just a fun loving teenager with the biggest smile and the best hugs! She could take your darkest day and turn it into your best. Her session was such a blast. She brought all of her outfits and made them look stunning. Her parents, Latoiya Parker and Charles Hooker, and her sister have so much love to give her. Both her mom and sister are her best-friends! You can totally see the bond between Asale’ and her sister in the pictures i captured. Asale’, reach for the stars! You will make it. #nothingdown #DownRightPerfect

Taniya Counslor | Clarksdale High School | Class of 2019

I had the honor of photographing this amazing girl! Taniya and her mom traveled all the way from Clarksdale, MS to shoot in Merigold and Cleveland! She brought all of her outfits, including a bomb yellow fur jacket!! Her mom was so supportive during the shoot, which made the shoot even better. Taniya attends Clarksdale High and is the Co- Captain of the cheer team and is also apart of the National English Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta and National Honors Society. She plans to further her education at Jackson State University. This shoot was a blast to be apart of! Taniya, you have a bright future ahead of you!!!

Charlie Jones | CCHS | Class of 2019 | Cleveland, MS

I am so excited to finally blog this session! Charlie has such an awesome personality and an extremely edgy sense of style! He is such an outgoing guy and loved being the center of attention! He was so comfortable in front of the camera, which is great because he wants to pursue a career in acting! We of course had to do a few head shots so he can have then whenever hes trying to get an acting part. Cool right? Did you also see his awesome Range Rover? So many senior guys around Cleveland, MS have really cool cars, it makes me even more excited for more guy senior shoots. I had a blast doing this shoot with Charlie and getting to know him and his future goals!

Angel Trigo | CCHS | Class of 2019

I had such a fun time with Angel during her session! We started off in Cleveland and ended up all the way in Shaw, Mississippi. We found some really great spots, that made for the perfect pictures. Her outgoing personality really helped making this shoot super fun. She brought most of her outfits and put together some really amazing outfits that fit her unique style! Another awesome thing is that she has decided to join the Mississippi Army National Guard, which is so brave of her! I have enjoyed getting to know Angel and having her on the Senior19 Team!

Carson Robinette | NSA | Class of 2019

I am so excited to blog Carson’s senior session. Her session was so fun and energetic. She raided the style closet, and found many cute outfits that fit her style and personality. And did you notice her beautiful red hair?? Her mom and sisters were there and was supporting her the whole time. Her dad even stopped by! Carson was apart of the Senior 19 Team, which i have enjoyed her being apart of it. She is very out going, sweet and supportive towards everyone. She goes to North Sunflower Academy, where she participates in cheer and basketball. I absolutely loved doing this session with her. She has such a unique personality and has such a bright future in front of her.